About St Andrew’s (Closed on 30th September 2021)

St Andrew’s URC currently meets in a former residential property situated in the centre of Hebburn.  The building, owned by a congregation of Independent Methodists, has been fittingly converted for church use.  Sunday services of worship are held starting at 11.15am. The two congregations regularly share worship together and there is a close ecumenical relationship with other Christian churches in Hebburn.

Most members live in the area and, because of the intimacy and closeness afforded them by meeting in a relatively small and close environment, those who attend St Andrew’s often comment on the feeling of warmth and serenity they experience there.  The congregation is made up of mostly elderly (but young at heart) folk, many of whom have attended St Andrew’s for most of their lives. As well as meeting for worship the members also enjoy a variety of  outside activities including outings and group holidays away.

A brief history

St Andrew’s began life as a Presbyterian church that was built in Hebburn, near the banks of the river tyne, in 1872. (see our Gallery Page for a photograph of the magnificent building). 100 years later, in 1972, along with the majority of Presbyterian churches in England, it became part of the United Reformed Church.

Due to a dwindling membership, and the high cost of maintenance, in 1982 the difficult decision was taken to move out of the Victorian building and the church was sold.  The congregation then formed a sharing agreement with the parish church of St John, not far from their former home. In November 2001 they relocated from St John’s to their current situation as described above..